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    AUIB project

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    12 May 2022


Our company had the pleasure of collaborating with the American University in Baghdad on a comprehensive project that encompassed a range of services aimed at enhancing their brand presence, capturing important events, expanding their online reach, and producing captivating visual content. Here is a description of the project and the services we provided: Branding: Working closely with the American University in Baghdad, we embarked on a branding journey to develop a distinct and impactful brand identity. Through meticulous research, creative exploration, and collaboration, we crafted a comprehensive branding strategy that included a compelling logo, consistent visual elements, a cohesive color palette, and typography. This branding approach ensured that the American University in Baghdad had a strong and recognizable identity that resonated with its target audience, reflecting its values and academic excellence. Event Coverage: We provided comprehensive event coverage services to capture the essence and significance of various events hosted by the American University in Baghdad. Our skilled team of professionals meticulously documented these events, capturing important moments, engaging speakers, and a vibrant atmosphere. Through photography and videography, we immortalized these events, allowing the university to share them with a wider audience and preserve the memories for future reference. Social Media Management and Marketing: To expand the American University in Baghdad's online presence and effectively engage its target audience, we developed and executed a tailored social media management and marketing strategy. This involved managing their social media accounts, curating engaging content, developing a content calendar, community management, and implementing strategic advertising campaigns. By leveraging various social media platforms, we helped the university increase brand visibility, foster engagement, and effectively communicate its academic offerings and achievements. Explainer Videos: We created compelling explainer videos to effectively communicate the American University in Baghdad's programs, facilities, and educational opportunities. These videos combined captivating visuals, clear messaging, and concise narratives to simplify complex concepts and showcase the university's strengths. By highlighting the unique aspects of their academic offerings, these explainer videos served as powerful marketing tools to attract prospective students, faculty, and stakeholders. Media Production: Our company provided comprehensive media production services to the American University in Baghdad. This included producing high-quality audiovisual content, such as documentaries, promotional videos, interviews, and educational resources. By utilizing state-of-the-art equipment and leveraging our creative expertise, we ensured that the university's messages were effectively conveyed through compelling storytelling and impactful visuals. Printing Services: We offered printing services to the American University in Baghdad, catering to their diverse needs for various promotional materials, including brochures, banners, posters, and event collateral. Our printing services maintained a high standard of quality, ensuring that the university's printed materials accurately represented their brand and effectively conveyed their messages. Photography: We provided professional photography services to capture the beauty of the American University in Baghdad's campus, events, faculty, and student life. Our photographers skillfully captured moments that showcased the vibrancy and academic excellence of the university, creating visually appealing images that were used for marketing, publications, and online platforms. Graphic Design: Our team of talented graphic designers created visually stunning designs for the American University in Baghdad, including marketing materials, infographics, digital graphics, and branding collateral. With an understanding of the university's goals and audience, our designs effectively communicated messages, captured attention, and maintained a consistent visual identity.

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